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Doff Cleaning – Super Heated Steam Cleaning

Doff Cleaning – Super Heated Steam Cleaning
Doff super heated steam cleaning is highly effective for gentle cleaning and restoration of all historical or conservation projects .

Doff cleaning is a super heated stone cleaning system used to clean all stone and brick surfaces removing years of atmospheric deposits without damaging the host material. It uses very […]

Repointing Stone and Brick

Repointing of stone or brick walls is often carried out in conjunction with a repair and/or cleaning scheme to a building façade.
It is possibly the most significant element to maintaining the “health” of the wall and enhancing the appearance. The correct repointing can assist in waterproofing and stabilizing the walls of the structure, extend the […]

Brick Restoration: The Hard Facts

Brick Restoration: The Hard Facts
Brick cleaning and brick restoration done properly will add value to your property.
If you have a brick house or masonry wall to maintain, you need to know a few things in order to properly restore it and keep it in tip-top shape. We’ve all seen masonry repairs that detract from the integrity […]

Brickwork: Historic Development and Repair

Brickwork: Historic Development, Decay, Conservation and Repair by Gerard Lynch
Previously considered to be an inferior material to stone, brick construction was rarely used in Britain until the close of the Middle Ages. Gerard Lynch looks at its historical development over the last 600 years and its conservation and repair.
The popularity of the material […]

Types of Brick Pointing

Types of brick pointing
The mortar joints in brickwork have a significant influence on the overall appearance.
Mortar joints have a marked effect on the appearance of brickwork. They account for a surprisingly large proportion of its surface area – slightly more than 17% in stretcher bonded work. The colour and texture of the mortar and the […]

Nebulous water spray clean

Nebulous Spray or intermittent mist spray
Low-pressure water washing is probably the least aggressive form of cleaning. Its application is particularly useful where water-soluble dirt is present or water-soluble chemical compounds bind the dirt. Thicker encrustations of soiling which tend to form in protected areas of a building not regularly washed by rain may be softened […]