Benefits of Hiring Stone Cleaning Specialists

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Stone provides a modern but pristine look however it is more susceptible to dirt, and wear and tear can make the surfaces look worn and unappealing Stone is more likely to damage if it is not PROPERLY and regularly cleaned. It could lead to corrosion or moisture damage., in some cases, you may have seen [...]

Professional Brick Cleaning For Old or New Bricks.

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When it comes to specialist brick cleaning look no further than UK restoration, we have expert brick cleaning services that cover both old and new buildings. We are available to remove all types of excess mortar shots, construction debris, brick stains, and any other issues. No matter if it comes to cleaning construction debris off [...]

The Benefits of DOFF Cleaning

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There are many benefits of using the DOFF cleaning system and you may be wondering it is but it is essentially a cleaning system that uses super-heated water to reach deep into the stone without the need for high pressure. If you were to use the same pressure however with cold water you would find [...]

UK Performance Restoration gets mention in YourHome magazine

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We always strive to provide the very best restoration and cleaning services to our customers. Hence, when we get a good word or two in return it does bring a smile to our faces. This time we helped to restore the front of Sadiyya's and Ryan's house to bring it back to it's original [...]

EU Movers Rates Drop Significantly Amid Brexit Uncertainty

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The rate of EU citizens moving to the UK has dropped by 44 per cent since the EU referendum was held in 2016, according to data published by reporting body Reallymoving. When analysing over 100,000 international removals quotes, data from the property services comparison website indicated that there was a major decrease in EU nationalsinterested in relocating [...]

New Scheme Protects Landlords from Rogue Letting Agents

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The measures were taken as the government was concerned that a large number of landlords and renters were at risk of being unable to have their money returned to them, in the event of misappropriation of funds or the bankruptcy of their agents.