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Here at UK-Restoration, we provide extensive brick cleaning, paint removal and stone restoration services all over London that greatly enhance the appearance as well as add value to your property.

We are a team full of specialist brick cleaning, specialist paint removal and specialist stone restoration contractors in London. We are based in London with over 20 years of combined experience in the industry.

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Brick Cleaning

As the premier brick cleaning service in London, we possess the expertise to employ the ideal methods and solutions. I designed our specially formulated brick cleaning solution to safely eliminate unsightly atmospheric soiling while preserving the integrity and original color of your brickwork. Rediscover the true glory of your bricks with London’s top brick cleaning service.

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DOFF Cleaning

Introducing one of the finest eco-friendly cleaning solutions that not only maintains the environment but also delivers exceptional efficiency. The DOFF Cleaning Thermatech system is a steam-based stone cleaning technology capable of reaching temperatures of up to 150°C at the nozzle end. Our team of stone cleaning and brick cleaning specialists is proficient in fine-tuning the temperature and pressure settings to effectively eliminate various types of dirt and contaminants. Discover the superior DOFF cleaning service in London today.


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Stone Restoration

Stone restoration may require some hard work, but the results are undoubtedly worth the effort. Our stone restoration process involves a meticulous nebulous water spray cleaning technique that, upon completion, restores the stone to its original and radiant beauty. Experience the excellence of the finest stone restoration service in London.


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Brick Repointing

Our team is comprised of dedicated brick repointing specialists. Brick repointing is the essential process of renewing the mortar in masonry construction. Over time, the effects of weathering and decay create gaps in the joints between bricks, allowing water to infiltrate. Discover the excellence of the premier brick repointing service in London.


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Paint Removal

While paint removal might seem like a daunting and strenuous task, our paint removal specialists are here to make it hassle-free. They utilize specialized masonry chemicals and hydro-cleansing techniques to dissolve unwanted paint. After this meticulous process, your bricks will be left undamaged, revealing their natural colour and beauty once again. Experience the excellence of the finest paint removal service in London.

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UK PR Scaffolding

Our services encompass the complete spectrum of scaffold design, erection, and dismantling, catering to both commercial and private clients throughout London.


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