Stone provides a modern but pristine look however it is more susceptible to dirt, and wear and tear can make the surfaces look worn and unappealing

Stone is more likely to damage if it is not PROPERLY and regularly cleaned. It could lead to corrosion or moisture damage., in some cases, you may have seen there could be a growth of moss and algae on exterior surfaces

Drinks, sauces and acidic substances that you will find in your home can lead to etching the stone, Not only liquids but stone can also absorb oils, Stains and unwanted marks that are near enough impossible to remove without the right methods and equipment.

There are several benefits of having a specialist perform natural stone cleaning, as well as providing a deep clean which delivers lasting results. They include:

Experience and expertise

Now it may be tempting and seem like a task you will be able to do, but it is not likely that it will be as deeply clean as from us. Cleaning, maintaining and caring for stone is not as easy as it seems, this is due to the fact it is not just the cleaning product you use, when it comes to removing marks, and stains you need to use specialist equipment.

Professional stone cleaners are highly skilled at using the right equipment and specialist chemicals to ensure that we can remove any dirt or stains from the stone. Different types of stone have different finishes and this means that there needs to be a different method of cleaning them to ensure that we are not damaging any stone and restoring the stone to its original beauty

When the wrong materials and equipment are used to clean the stone they can scratch the stone or leave behind fibres. That is why you should leave it to the experts and allow us to clean your stone.


Efficient stone cleaning specialists

We ensure that we perform an efficient stone cleaning service that is tailored to the different clients’ stones and the surfaces of the stone. Our cleaning methods are put in place to reduce drying time and regain the original beauty of the stone

High-quality stone cleaning products

When it comes to finding high-quality cleaning, maintenance and restoring stone products, are usually difficult to find as well as come with a hefty price tag

Our stone cleaning specialists have access to all the recent industry-standard stone cleaning products. High-quality products act as both a way to deep clean the stone to move any marks and dirt but also minimise any risk of the stone being damaged.

They can also advise you on ways of keeping your stone clean and maintained so that it stays the way it looks when it was the first time you bought it.

Add Sealing For Extra Protection

A lot of homeowners aren’t aware that natural stone floors are left unsealed during building and construction. That is the case for marble, limestone, granite, and travertine. Because of this, the stone will absorb any liquid spills, food, grime, oil, and dust. Over time, it acts like a sponge.

Luckily, natural stone cleaning specialists can add sealing to your stone finishes. This is done using the most advanced sealers available on the market.

Proper sealing and maintenance of natural stone floors, surfaces, and walls are essential. It helps to create an invisible forcefield or barrier. It also reduces penetration for any spills which may occur. Stone sealing is the number one best way that you can prevent any permanent damage from occurring. It also lets you protect your investment.


  1. Stone Can Last A Lifetime With Proper Cleaning

If you are looking for the most effective way in restoring the stone surface and it is cleaning! doing this in turn will increase the value of the property.Stone is a great thing from nature looking timeless and exquisite. They can last a lifetime and never lose their natural appeal with regular maintenance

Stone cleaning services may be seen as being costly especially when it is cheaper than removing the stone, however, there are ways around this, and having a stone in your home can boost the look and value

If you need any advice on stone cleaning services or any other restoration services and want a free quote contact us today!

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