It is not just your car or computer that needs maintenance, your home needs actual maintenance or you will see yourself paying a lot more to solve these issues down the road

One of the biggest if not, the biggest purchase the majority of people ever make is a house, So looking after this asset should be on the top of the list of homeowners. Regular maintenance is the best way to try to protect and save yourself from expensive repairs.

There can be multiple different reasons why homes don’t sell once they are on the market however one of the primary reasons is that it has been poorly maintained ending in many repairs that the buyer/new homeowner will need to make or the seller themselves will need to make in order to finish the sale.


Here are some Home maintenance tips that will save you in the long run


Keep your roof in shape

It is imperative that you keep your roof in the best shape possible. By checking on it regularly for any damages and replacing or replacing any roof shingles etc. You try keep a keen eye on roof shingles around the chimney, vents or skylights as they are the most prone to leak.

Protect hardwood floors

Another good point to look out for home/property owners is dealing with and protecting wood floors. Area rugs can be a great addition to your home, disregarding a practical standpoint, area rugs can increase a room’s appearance as well as being comfortable to walk on a hard surface.

Replace weather stripping

Most doors and windows come with weather stripping, the lengths of metal or rubber that seal gaps while allowing the door or window to open and shut properly.

It tends to wear out after time, so you’ll want to be sure that it’s redone on a regular basis.

Caulk Windows and Doors

In some cases, The better option is using Caulk than weather stripping to keep doors and windows insulated. It is less costly and you are able to use it both indoors and out to seal any cracks.

Always clean out your dryer vent

If you allow lint to build up in your dryer vent it does not only mean your clothes will take longer to dry, but it will also reduce the efficiency as well as need more energy, and this could all lead to possible damage that you

Touch Up Interior Paint

While you can transform the look of your home by repainting the entire interior, it can be rather costly and take quite a bit of time.

Instead, be sure to save paint from the current paint job, and then you can use that to do simple touch-ups, rolling it over dirty spots on the wall. When it dries, it will look as though it was freshly painted.

Touch-up interior paint

Of course, there is the option of repainting the whole of your home however, this can be a costly process and and if you decide to do it yourself it can become a very long and strenuous task

Instead, you should save and look after the paint from your existing paint job, then you will be able to use that to do simple touch-ups and go over the dirty spots. When it dries it looks as good as new.

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