Nowadays wood fireplaces are being replaced with their gas counterparts on a regular basis, but homes are still being constructed with brick and mortar chimneys. Chimneys add class and aesthetic appeal to most homes, which is why they are sell included in many home designs today.

Here at UK restorations, our team full of expert specialist know from experience that no chimney lasts forever, if you have an older home and are considering chimney brick repairs in London

  1. Damaged Mortar between Bricks

The first step we advise our clients in regards to their chimneys is to look at mortar joints. If it damaged them in any way, then it is likely that it is time for a repair or replacement. When we are on-site at a customer’s house we take a deeper look at the mortar in between your brickwork, and from there we can determine the amount of damage there is and be able to plan the repairs that need to be done.

  1. Smoky Homes and Smelly Fireplaces

In the experience of our brick and chimney pros at Pointing Brickwork breakpoint, it’s almost always due to the chimney lining. Trust us – a smelly chimney is the least of your problems. A damaged liner can become dangerous in a short period of time for the home and those who are currently within it. If your home isn’t filtering out the smoke, put out the fire and keep it out until you call a company that specialises in brick


Nothing should cause a wave of smoke to enter your home from your fireplace, that is the whole purpose of a fireplace. If you notice it filling the room with excess smoke or bad odours, that is a clear sign that your chimney is not doing its purpose and therefore may need repairing,

As we are experienced specialists in brick repointing we have seen everything! And a chimney that smells should be the last of your concerns – it is nearly always because of the lining of the chimney. A damaged liner can become a very dangerous risk within a short space of time to those who are currently living with it/ IF your fireplace is not filtering the smoke then you need to put the fire out and call an expert immediately.

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