Don’t let what you see on a screen fool you! TV or social media makes repairing look effortless. And in some cases, if the walls are in good condition it is slightly easier but the chances are as soon as the cameras have left. The same wall won’t be looking as good and pristine.


It isn’t just an amateur job painting over any surface, there has been plenty of cases where painters under the title of ‘professional ‘ and just slab on white gloss on walls for it, to start flaking away from the build-up paint over the years

Stripping off excess or old paint is a specialist job, so a painter may not do that job unless you specify

It is worth stripping off layers of old paint from wooden or brick surfaces such as walls, bannisters windows etc. when their no layers of excess or old paint is the finish so much better and you will reveal the lines of mouldings and edges, which would have been buried beneath many years of paint over the years.


When it comes to stripping paint, Chemical strippers don’t work the best when it comes to that and it takes a lot of strippers to clear the paint. Of course, there are general-purpose chemical strippers but there are much more effective ways of removing paint, such as water-based jets.


We use a safe cleaning solution with a jet wash to make sure we can successfully remove paint, that could be Our proven reputation in surface conservation and restoration means we are fully able to remove both unsightly graffiti and any coats of paint which may need replacing or removing, even if your home or property is particularly delicate.



Here at UK restoration, we make sure that we take care of all of our clients and their needs, we take care of the original surface to make sure we aren’t damaging any existing walls, or pricking and cleaning it so it goes back to its original beauty. Contact us today to see how we can restore your home to its value and beauty!

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