When it comes to specialist brick cleaning look no further than UK restoration, we have expert brick cleaning services that cover both old and new buildings. We are available to remove all types of excess mortar shots, construction debris, brick stains, and any other issues. No matter if it comes to cleaning construction debris off new bricks or if you are trying to restore your old bricks.

We cover all London areas, Working with both property and homeowners as well as construction companies.

New Build Brick Cleaning

When it comes to new buildings it is imperative that it looks pristine to show the quality of development to viewers or potential buyers and more importantly it looks good and new enough to sell.

Something that occurs more times than not is when the construction process messes up the exterior brickwork. There are few causes of this but it tends to be how the stone is put down when there is excess mortar, or bad weather causing smears and splashes

Dirty and slightly damaged brickwork can hinder the whole look of your new building and it becomes frustrating when considering the time and money spent making it look as good as possible

Cleaning and Restoring Old Brickwork

Over time brickwork can become heavily affected by normal occurrences such as the atmosphere and its surroundings. But more specifically it can become contaminated with organic matter, black carbon, fire damage and more, there can be several reasons why your brickwork needs cleaning.

We are experts when it comes to brick cleaning, removing the build-up discolour and debris so that the real beauty of the property can be seen. This will transform the look of your property and will remove any contaminating potentially risk factors. And at the end of the day, the result is that your

We are experienced in carefully cleaning brickwork, removing the debris and building up to let the original colour of the bricks shine through This will transform the look of your property, and removing the contamination will give the brickwork a fresh clean look, and importantly if you are looking to sell your home it will add curb appeal and value to your property.

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