Can you remove paint from the brick?

Rest assured paint can be removed from exterior brick, So if you have bought a property where the exterior brickwork has been painted over, it is more than possible to restore it to its original look. However, when it comes to removing paint from brickwork it should be left to a paint removal specialist as it involves working with chemicals and specific equipment

What are the benefits of exterior paint removal?

Removing the paint off the exterior of your property can most definitely transform how it looks. We have helped many clients improve the appearance (which in turn increases the value) of their home/ property. So if you have bought a property and you don’t like the paint, or you have gone bored of the paintwork done on your home, we can help you restore the property to its original beauty!

Often buildings are painted with non-breathable paints and this is very bad as it holds  moisture in walls leading to damp issues, this occurs especially on lime mortar buildings as they are designed so that the walls can breathe

Our team of professional paint removal specialists can help you with the restoration of your home or property!

Have a look at our images below to show you some of our previous paint removal services in London.

We cover all areas of London for paint removal services and other services such as brick repointing and DOFF stone cleaning.

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