There are many benefits of using the DOFF cleaning system and you may be wondering it is but it is essentially a cleaning system that uses super-heated water to reach deep into the stone without the need for high pressure. If you were to use the same pressure however with cold water you would find that it can damage the surface of the stone. It will be exposed to frost and dirt. The Doff is a much more efficient cleaning system as it is low pressure and high temperature, and this means it kills bacteria and algae

A benefit that gets overlooked is that it is also good for the environment. Having two or three visits a year will have your stone looking brand new, and ensure that it is maintaining its colour and newness

Due to the fact it is a heated water jet wash essentially, it does not take as much time as other cleaning methods, so our team are able to work i=on any space and be out your way in no time. As well at is eco friendly because of the no water waste and reduced energy. That is only a few reasons why DOFF is the perfect cleaning solution for many exterior and interior surfaces.


Doff Cleaning system is great for cleaning

  • Removing paint coatings
  • Clearing surfaces of fungi, moss, algae and hidden spores
  • Cleaning off other biological matter (including chewing gum)
  • Removing wax coatings
  • Removing certain types of graffiti


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