It seems like summer couldn’t wait to leave us and winter crept in. as much as it is lovely to see the leaves turn brown and fall and the holidays such as Halloween and Christmas begin. But as much happiness and joy it does bring us there also comes the brisk cold weather, as well as the rain, is as depressing as ever, we of course can’t forget about the snow.

Now the hot chocolates, snowball fights, and being all cosy with the family but as the energy crisis keeps becoming more prevalent and the general cost of living is going up we have come up with some tips to help your home heating this winter

Next up, check around the frame for any draughts. These can be sealed using inexpensive, self-adhesive foam strips though they may not last too long. Metal or plastic strips complete with brushes present a more costly, but more effective solution. Additionally, you can plug up any air gaps with a thermal sealant.

Do be aware that many windows will be installed with controlled ventilation. This lets fresh air in which reduces condensation and dampness – so make sure you’re not covering up those vents!

Insulate your windows

This may come as no surprise to some readers but windows are a big area of heat loss. Some estimates of windows in homes take around 10% of the heat that goes that way. 2/3 of energy loss is due to heat being radiated through the glazing with the other 1/3 being conducted through windows/ air leakage.

There are some solutions to prevent this, you can firstly install drapes or blinds this is one of the first steps you can take into preventing heat loss

You can always check around the frames in case of any draught. There is a cheap solution to this and this is to use adhesive foam strips even though they may not last long

Draft-proof Your Doors

One other way to keep the warm air in and cold out is to make sure you draft-proof your doors. Whether it’s a cold breeze making its way under the frame or hearing the wind singing through your keyhole, you need to really draft-proof your doors

Insulate that Attic

If your home is uninsulated you can expect to lose a quarter of the heat to leave the building through the roof. Insulating your attic space can not only improve your heat and comfort in winter months but it can also help with your savings on energy bills. In fact, when it comes to loft insulation taking minimal damage it should last many years.

Seal Off Drafty Rooms

It is not just about proofing the windows and doors that will keep your home warm and cosy during the winter. If you install weather stripping around doors and use draft excluders under doors will stop warm air from going into unheated rooms

Get a Smart Thermostat

If you install a smart thermostat will allow you to program your home’s heating system to fit around your routine. Through apps and smart heating controls, you can ensure that your home is warm only when you need it to be.

There are many ways to stay heated and save money this winter from just a few tips and a bit of work that in the long run will save you money on your energy bills.

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