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Sandblasting is an industrial process by which excess materials, paints, debris can be removed from a surface.

Two basic systems, the suction type and the gravity feed/pressure type system, both utilize air pressure combined with an abrasive compound to accomplish this. The abrasive compound is typically a processed sand with silica content or abrasive material such as aluminum oxide or glass beads. Air pressure forces the abrasive through a hardened nozzle in a jet stream which allows it to remove contaminants from the surface of the target. UK Performance Restoration use this process indoors when water based systems are not allowed due to possible damage caused by water. We use sandblasting to repair and restore industrial mechanical and structural components (bridges, heavy duty machinery) and more common municipal applications like removal of graffiti, paint stripping and repointing bricks.

Looking at the examples of our jobs below, you can see the effect of a sandblasting can have to the overall appeal. This will raise your properties value and sale-ability.

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