Paint removal from brickwork – DIY advice and tips

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Paint removal from brickwork - DIY advice and tips Paint can successfully be removed from brick exteriors provided the bricks were in good shape before they were painted. Unfortunately, proper paint removal is a tedious job. The term brickwork describes fired clay units which have a bewildering variation of constituents and properties. While bricks are [...]

We love bricks! Image gallery

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We love bricks! And we make bricks look beautiful! Bricks change space and blend exceptionally well  inside the renovated parts of the property.  The architects very often use materials including exposed brickwork, birch plywood and brushed steel to complement the raw industrial look of the concrete. Please have a look at another gallery of amazing [...]

Identification of brickwork defects and their causes

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Identification of brickwork defects and their causes Brickwork cracks and fissures The presence of cracks and fissures in brickwork concerns many homeowners, who worry about their significance. However, the vast majority of cracks that occur in masonry walls are the result of moisture movement in porous materials. In the case of a stone-built house, most movement [...]

Brickwork: Historic Development and Repair

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Brickwork: Historic Development, Decay, Conservation and Repair by Gerard Lynch Previously considered to be an inferior material to stone, brick construction was rarely used in Britain until the close of the Middle Ages. Gerard Lynch looks at its historical development over the last 600 years and its conservation and repair. TUDOR BRICKWORK 1485-1603 The popularity [...]

Types of Brick Pointing

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Types of brick pointing The mortar joints in brickwork have a significant influence on the overall appearance. Mortar joints have a marked effect on the appearance of brickwork. They account for a surprisingly large proportion of its surface area – slightly more than 17% in stretcher bonded work. The colour and texture of the mortar [...]