UK PR Scaffolding services in London

We provide comprehensive scaffold design, erection and dismantling services for commercial and private clients across London.

With over 20 years of combined experience in scaffolding UK PR Scaffolding offers one of London’s leading specialist scaffold services. With great design, fast, efficient construction and dismantling with full site support and an impeccable safety record, everything we do is aimed at providing the very best and exceptional scaffolding services to our customers.

Our range of comprehensive scaffolding services includes:

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  • Scaffolding planning and design
  • Scaffolding erection
  • On site support
  • Scaffold dismantling
  • Scaffold Hire
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  • Streetwork
  • Shoring up and propping up
  • Towers and formwork
  • Pro-active safety support
  • Professional Scaffolders
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UK PR Scaffold Yard Address:

Arch 8
Parkfield Industrial Estate
Culvert Place
London SW11 5BA

Recent scaffolding work:

See our full work portfolio here
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